• ASWB and CSG are encouraged by the progress made in 2022 toward a final compact and expect to have a draft ready for states in the first quarter of 2023. This means that the compact legislation will not have an opportunity to be considered in some states during 2023 legislative sessions. 
  • Be assured that ASWB adheres to and maintains a valid examination program for use by member boards. The process is highly technical, so bear with me as we navigate the details.
  • The 2022 Bylaws and Resolutions Committee submitted two items for discussion and voting at the Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly: a set of minor changes to the ASWB bylaws that update and clarify terminology about membership and operations, and a resolution calling on member jurisdictions to include ASWB on their regular meeting agendas.
  • December 21, 2022
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  • Creating the next version of the ASWB examinations requires making connections and understanding context. That’s exactly what happened during recent meetings of two groups directly involved in providing input into how ASWB will gather workforce data and build new social work licensing assessments.

  • The Regulatory Research Task Force was appointed in 2022 and charged with developing ongoing charges to create a Regulatory Research Committee. Following the response from the broader social work community to ASWB’s publication of exam demographic data, the task force pivoted to support the organization by beginning development of a research agenda and framework to […]

  • Member boards and legislatures must understand the basic premise behind entry-level competence assessments and the vital role they play. This knowledge will lead to more-informed legislative and administrative decisions.

  • The annual meeting will bring new firsts for members, from interactions with the new DEIJ Committee at the preconference sessions to a new governance session on Saturday, the last day of the business meeting.

  • October 28, 2022

    News and updates from ASWB members and staff

  • The Association of Social Work Boards acknowledges and calls out systemic and institutional racism, specifically anti-Blackism, as being core to the racial disparities evidenced by the recently released licensing exam pass rate data. While other pass rate disparities exist, the most jarring and disappointing gap is in the rates reported for Black candidates. ASWB stands […]