Expectations for meeting conduct

To ensure ASWB events are safe, inclusive, and enjoyable, we expect all participants in ASWB meetings to demonstrate ethical behavior.

ASWB is guided by and committed to living its core values: respect, accountability, integrity, service, and excellence. We strive to create an inclusive culture that welcomes diverse perspectives shared through respectful discourse. All ASWB meeting attendees should communicate with professionalism and civility.

ASWB will not tolerate harassment of or by participants in any in-person or online ASWB meeting.

Who must adhere to these expectations?

These expectations apply to all ASWB staff, volunteers, speakers, hotel and vendor personnel, and attendees.

What is harassment?

Harassment is defined as unwelcome behavior that disturbs, intimidates, or bothers other participants,  including:

  • Making offensive comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion
  • Subjecting others to inappropriate or unwanted sexual attention, including sharing sexual images
  • Persistently disrupting meetings or events
  • Engaging in deliberate intimidation

What should I do if I’m being harassed?

If you are attending an in-person event, you may report the harassment to any ASWB staff member at the meeting to initiate action addressing the issue. If you would prefer not to report the incident in person, or if you are participating in an online event, email veo@aswb.org.

If you believe your personal safety is at immediate risk, you are encouraged to contact local law enforcement as appropriate.

How will ASWB respond to harassment?

We expect anyone asked to stop harassing behavior to do so immediately.

ASWB staff will address the incident with both parties and do whatever is necessary to ensure attendees feel safe for the duration of the meeting.

ASWB staff and/or the Board of Directors will take actions in response to reported harassment that may include:

  • Warning the individual not to repeat the behavior
  • Expelling the individual from the virtual or live event
  • Blocking the individual from online platforms
  • Reporting the incident to law enforcement
  • Banning the individual from future ASWB events
  • Removing the individual from any volunteer role with ASWB

Email veo@aswb.org or call 540.829.6880, ext. 3060, if the situation is not resolved at the time it occurs or you need to follow up about the incident.