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2022 ASWB Exam Pass Rate Analysis

ASWB has published the 2022 ASWB Exam Pass Rate Analysis as part of the association’s commitment to participating in data-driven conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

ASWB’s new analysis of pass rate data shows that the number of people taking the exams has increased and that the proportion of test-takers from historically underrepresented groups has also grown.

Other key findings include:

  • Most test-takers passed the social work licensing exams on their first attempt.
  • More women than men take the social work exams.
  • The highest pass rates were observed among women, younger test-takers, individuals whose first language is English, and white test-takers.
  • The lowest pass rates were observed among men, older test-takers, individuals whose first language is not English, and Black test-takers.

Note: Data shown may not reflect all test-takers because those who selected options such as Prefer not to say or filled in their own identifiers were excluded from this analysis. These options were not available to test-takers at all points during the target time period. ASWB has altered the response options available on the exam registration forms and will continue to evaluate these options to ensure test-takers may accurately respond.

Download the full report for a deeper look at exam counts, annual data, data on the Associate and Advanced Generalist exams, four-year blueprint trends, intersectional analyses, methodology, and discussion.

From the news announcement, Association of Social Work Boards releases data analysis on social work licensing exam pass rates:

The 2022 ASWB Exam Pass Rate Analysis is an important starting point in a collective process to better help all test-takers be equally prepared for success on the examinations. By establishing a baseline, these data will enable a conversation about how the profession collectively gets from where we are now to where we want to be. In this new analysis, we observe that pass rates for some demographic groups are lower than for others, highlighting the need to identify potential steps that ASWB can take to address these differences while adhering to the public protection mandate that guides its mission.
Roxroy A. Reid, MSW, Ph.D., LCSW, president, and Stacey Hardy-Chandler, Ph.D., J.D., LCSW, chief executive officer

ASWB exam pass rates by state/province

As part of its commitment to contributing to the conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion, ASWB is releasing pass rate data for states and provinces.

Exam performance reports for social work schools and programs

ASWB is offering detailed reports on accredited social work degree programs that include pass/fail summary reports, pass rate data for demographic subgroups, and subscore data on major exam content areas.

Exams for the future of social work

As the field of social work evolves, the social work licensing exams must remain relevant. ASWB is expanding its research-driven exam development process to update the licensing exams to continue to reflect current practices.

Exam resources for educators

ASWB is offering a new suite of free resources to help social work educators prepare students for the exams.

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