Laws and regulations database

ASWB maintains information about social work regulations and licensure/registration requirements as a service to ASWB members and the public.

This online database includes reports that ASWB has developed to make social work regulation easier to understand, especially as there are variations across states and provinces. These reports allow you to compare multiple jurisdictions and download the data in an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Contact us to request a specialized dataset that is not included in these reports

Look up a license

Every state and province maintains a public list of licensed/registered social workers, making it simple to confirm the license status of an individual social worker.

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Licensing requirements

  • Compare licensing requirements

    Basic requirements for getting a license

  • Compare supervision requirements

    Requirements for supervised experience

  • View requirements for a single jurisdiction

    Overview of licensing requirements for one state or province

Continuing education requirements

  • Compare continuing education requirements

    How many hours you need and what subject areas

  • Compare continuing education policies

    Frequency, type of documentation, and other details

Detailed Reports

Creates Excel (.XLS) files for all data about selected jurisdictions

  • Compare licensing requirements

    Download an extensive Excel spreadsheet to compare information about licensing requirements in multiple jurisdictions.

  • Compare policies and rules

    Download an extensive Excel spreadsheet to compare general information about social work regulation in multiple jurisdictions.

Visit a state or province’s website or review its statutes and/or administrative rules for the most current information about social work licensure or requirements.

Please notify  Cara Sanner if there are problems with these reports.