Getting licensed in another state or province

Because social work licenses are issued at the state and provincial level, social workers need to apply to practice legally in a new jurisdiction—whether they’re practicing in person or providing electronic social work services.

If you are already licensed or registered in one state or province, most boards have provisions for licensure by endorsement—sometimes called reciprocity. Endorsement provisions often provide expedited licensing because an existing active license in good standing is accepted as evidence of fulfilling licensure requirements in the new state or province. The process varies, especially among states.

Your first step

Just like you did when you got your first license, contact the new board and find out what the requirements are.


Social work practice mobility

ASWB has been working with regulators to make adding a license easier for social workers.

Exam results

Your exam result is valid in any state or province that uses that licensing exam. If you have a clinical license in one state and passed the Clinical exam, for example, your passing score will transfer when you apply for a new clinical license elsewhere.

Send my exam results to another state or province