Licensure by endorsement resources

In 2018, ASWB membership adopted licensure by endorsement as the best mobility model for social work licensing. Endorsement allows social workers to move more easily between jurisdictions.

Why endorsement?

Social workers who hold a valid license in one U.S. state or territory may need to practice in another—whether in person or via technology. Endorsement streamlines the application process because it recognizes that an active license in good standing from another jurisdiction is evidence of competent practice.

  • Endorsement is an understanding that all U.S. regulatory authorities employ due diligence and best practices for applicants to initially obtain a social work license.
  • Social workers who receive a license through endorsement can keep that license in good standing, regardless of whether their original license is retained.
  • Research shows that most social workers hold only one license at a time, making endorsement an efficient mobility solution.
Information for ASWB member boards

The key to social work practice mobility

ASWB has prepared talking points about licensure by endorsement. Feel free to use and share this information to support your education and advocacy efforts.

Information for ASWB member boards

Social work practice mobility implementation

ASWB has prepared talking points about its mobility implementation strategy.

Model Social Work Practice Act

The ASWB Model Social Work Practice Act reflects best practices in social work regulation.

Member service

Board consultation

Looking for specialized guidance about implementing endorsement in your state or territory? Request a board consultation from ASWB.