Getting ready for the exam

As with any exam, knowing what to expect will help you be successful.

What to do before the exam

  • Download the ASWB Exam Guidebook
  • Apply to your state or provincial board
  • Register with ASWB
  • Wait for Authorization to Test email
  • Schedule your testing appointment
  • Review the Candidate Rules Agreement
  • Review the Confidentiality Statement

Test administration changes coming January 2, 2024

ASWB is committed to providing consistent, high-quality exam administration for social workers who are becoming licensed, and our new partnership with PSI will allow us to enhance your experience.

Step 1

Apply to your social work board

You must apply for a social work license and be preapproved in order to take the licensing exam.

Step 2

Register with ASWB

Once you are approved by your state or provincial social work board, you are eligible to register with ASWB to take the exam.

Registration fees:

Associate, Bachelors, or Masters Exams: US$230

Advanced Generalist or Clinical Exams: US$260

Step 3

Schedule your exam with PSI

The social work licensing exams are administered at PSI test centers worldwide. Once you receive your Authorization to Test email from ASWB, you may schedule your exam with PSI.

On exam day

Taking time to prepare for your testing experience will reduce stress and help prevent delays, unexcused absences, and other problems.

Content outlines

The content outlines for the social work licensing exams were developed using the 2017 Analysis of the Practice of Social Work, a survey of licensed social workers selected to reflect diversity in demographics, geography, and practice areas.

Online Practice Test

With questions previously used on the licensing exams, the online practice test is a valuable tool for preparing to take your exam. We recommend using it alongside the ASWB Examination Guidebook, a free download.

ASWB Exam Guidebook

The ASWB Exam Guidebook contains information on the steps for taking the exam, what to expect on exam day, exam creation, and question structure.

Included are a study plan template and list of suggested references for each exam content area.

Exam security and confidentiality

The social work licensing exams are high-stakes tests that can affect a person’s ability to practice social work. ASWB has exam security and confidentiality rules in place to protect exam integrity.

Nonstandard testing arrangements

If you have a disability or other health condition or if English is not your primary language, you may be eligible to receive nonstandard testing arrangements.