Legislative resources

Many social work boards are required to undergo periodic legislative reviews. This process is often referred to as a sunset review and is aimed at ensuring that regulatory structures remain effective and efficient. They may also be required for the further continuation of social work statutes and regulations.

Keep Your Board From Riding Off into the Sunset

This document is intended to give social work regulatory boards an overview of sunset and other potentially damaging legislative occurrences.

Member service

Board consultation

Preparing for sunset review? Request a board consultation from ASWB.

2019 Education meeting proceedings


In 2019, ASWB’s education meeting focused on building partnerships with legislators to strengthen public protection. RisingAboveTheWaves.org contains session summaries, downloadable tools, and short videos from that meeting.

Information for ASWB member boards

Making the case for social work regulation

Legislative updates

ASWB subscribes to U.S. state-based research services to monitor and track proposed regulatory and legislative changes that can affect social work professional regulation. The information is provided as a service to ASWB members and stakeholders. ASWB has selected topics for tracking from state and federal regulatory and legislative proposals received in the current sessions.

Model Social Work Practice Act

The ASWB Model Social Work Practice Act reflects best practices in social work regulation.

Test center transition

The transition to PSI test centers has begun. Test-takers who register for the exam beginning November 1, 2023, will be testing with PSI.