• One highlight of the 2024 ASWB Education Meeting was playing FACTUALITY, an interactive board game created and facilitated by keynote speaker Natalie Gillard. This two-part immersive experience was designed to enhance attendees’ awareness of how race, class, gender, faith, sexual orientation, ability, and age can affect outcomes in people’s lives.
    Photograph of a young woman standing at a podium speaking. She is smiling and holding a remote in her hand.
  • By combining existing software programs into a single web-based tool, ASWBCentral now provides a single sign-on for multiple functions and a simpler user experience for regulatory board staff. Each member jurisdiction can assign roles and permissions to its own staff members, meaning that individual users access only the tools they need for their work. For […]

    Screen shot from a software system. Items on the screen read "Appications. Approvals. Score Transfers. PPD Management. Exam Results. User Management. Help guide."
  • One panel discussion at the 2024 Education Meeting revealed how board structure can affect communication channels, regulation, and outcomes.
    Photograph of Velva Taylor Spriggs, Alejandro Zamora, and Denitha Breau during their panel presentation at the ASWB Education Meeting. They are sitting at a long table with microphones in front of them. Breau, on the far right, is speaking, while Zamora, in the center, and Spriggs, on the left, are listening intently.
  • ASWB celebrated the outstanding service of two leaders in social work regulation at the association’s 2022 Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly in November.

  • Registration is open for the 2022 ASWB Education Meeting, April 29–30, 2022, with preconference sessions on Thursday, April 28. The event will be hybrid, with attendees having the option to attend in person or via an online platform. Attendance is open exclusively to members and staff of social work regulatory boards in the United States […]

  • ASWB publicly acknowledged the outstanding service of ASWB member board members and member board administrators at the organization’s 2021 Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly in November. Sunny Andrews Award Philip C. Koehl IV of Illinois and Carol Payne of Minnesota received the 2021 Sunny Andrews Award for Outstanding Commitment to Regulatory Board Service. The […]