Exam performance reports for social work schools and programs

As part of its commitment to sharing examination data, ASWB is offering downloadable reports on exam performance by graduates of accredited social work degree programs in the United States and Canada.

These reports are based on data from social work licensing exam administrations for the current exam blueprint, which went live in January 2018. In some cases, a report may be abridged to prevent release of personally identifying information.

ASWB collects demographic information from test-takers at exam registration. This self-reported information includes the school or program from which they graduated, gender, race/ethnicity, and primary language.

All reports are PDF documents.

Note: Data shown may not reflect all test-takers because those who selected options such as Prefer not to say or filled in their own identifiers were excluded from this analysis. These options were not available to test-takers at all points during the target time period. ASWB has altered the response options available on the exam registration forms and will continue to evaluate these options to ensure test-takers may accurately respond.

ASWB Exam Guidebook

The ASWB Exam Guidebook combines information on how to take the exam with insight educators can use to help their students get ready for the licensing exam.

Educator Guide to the Social Work Exams

The Educator Guide to the Social Work Exams helps educators prepare students to demonstrate their competence on the licensing exams.

Educator training

Learn how to write multiple-choice questions that measure social work knowledge and enhance your students’ readiness for the licensing exams.