ACE: Approved Continuing Education

ACE approval demonstrates that a provider or course has been rigorously reviewed and found to offer quality continuing education according to best practices.

ASWB’s Approved Continuing Education program has been designed to review and approve high-quality CE providers and courses, whether they are delivered in person or via distance learning.

For continuing education providers

ACE standards

Regardless of whether a CE provider pursues individual course approval or provider approval, programs must adhere to the ACE standards outlined in the ACE Handbook.

Download the ACE Handbook
  • States and provinces that accept ACE

    The ASWB Approved Continuing Education program approves continuing education providers and individual programs. When social workers choose courses created and offered by ACE providers or individual courses approved by ACE, they can trust they will receive high-quality content accepted by most U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions to meet licensure renewal requirements.

ACE individual course/conference approval

Individual course/conference approval from ACE is geared toward CE providers offering a limited number of events.

ACE provider approval

ACE provider approval is optimal for CE providers that offer a large number of courses or programs.

Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education

ACE collaborates with Joint Accreditation for Interprofessional Continuing Education for CE in multiple professions.

ACE approval

  • Serves as a mark of distinction recognized by social work licensing boards and social workers
  • Is currently recognized by most jurisdictions in North America
  • Demonstrates that continuing education meets rigorous standards for quality and relevance
  • Supports competency in the social work profession
  • Allows providers to list and manage courses directly to an online database
  • Means social workers can quickly find current courses compliant with their board’s requirements on ACE Search
  • Entitles providers to receive timely information on CE issues and requirements via the quarterly Continuing Competence newsletter

Are you eligible to apply to ACE?

  • Has your organization been operational for at least six months?
  • Has your organization planned and presented three educational activities appropriate for social workers?
  • Does your organization have a licensed social worker involved in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of social work continuing education?
  • Does your organization have someone with appropriate experience to serve as continuing education director?
  • Is your organization able to supply evaluation and documentation of programs?

If you can answer YES to all these questions, then you meet the minimum requirements and are eligible to apply to ACE.

Which ACE program is right for you?
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