Board consultation

As members of ASWB, social work regulatory boards can take advantage of the association's broad perspective on regulatory issues by consulting with staff about best practices in social work regulation.

Research-informed consultation

To inform our consultation, ASWB makes use of data, including state regulations for:

  • Clinical supervisors
  • Independent and private practice
  • Scope of practice definitions
  • Clinical license title
  • Code of ethics/conduct
  • Endorsement/Reciprocity
  • Electronic social work services
  • Independent and private practice

Case studies

ASWB helped Alabama and Arkansas update their regulations according to best practices in other states and the Model Social Work Practice Act.

How ASWB supported Alabama’s board

  • ASWB staff traveled to Alabama to participate in a work group to draft new supervision rules.
  • Hands-on assistance included preparing a template to work through Alabama’s goals based on sample regulations from key states of interest and the ASWB Model Social Work Practice Act.
  • ASWB staff scribed notes and drafted regulations as the work group discussed issues and agreed on requirements or identified where future discussions were needed.

How ASWB supported Arkansas’s board

  • ASWB staff reviewed and commented on a series of proposed regulations under draft.
  • ASWB comments were informed by the ASWB Model Social Work Practice Act and best practices found in other state regulations.