Exam security and confidentiality

The social work licensing exams are high-stakes exams that can affect a person’s ability to practice social work. ASWB has exam security and confidentiality rules in place to protect exam integrity.

Exam security

Many of the rules for test-takers—from the identification requirements to the prohibition against bringing personal items in and out of the testing room—exist to protect the content and administration of the social work exams. By enforcing these guidelines, ASWB can provide a secure testing environment and a reliable examination program. Find details about security measures at test centers in the ASWB Exam Guidebook.

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Exam confidentiality

Confidentiality is an important part of the social work profession. Social workers need to understand the limits of sharing information, including information on the licensing exams. Every exam candidate is required to agree to a confidentiality statement that prohibits sharing exam content with anyone, including colleagues, classmates, study groups, and test preparation instructors. Social media sharing of exam content is also prohibited.

Review the confidentiality statement

Violating exam security and confidentiality can lead to:

  • Test center personnel stopping your exam
  • Invalidation of your score
  • Loss of eligibility to take the social work licensing exam again
  • ASWB reporting your actions to the social work licensing board where you’ve applied
  • Sanction by the licensing board for violating testing rules

ASWB and PSI conduct continual systematic statistical reviews of test scores. We use data forensics to detect irregularities that raise questions about the validity of each score. If there is any indication of irregularity, your official score report may be delayed pending further review and investigation.

Exam security tips

If you are aware of a violation of exam security measures or exam confidentiality, you are encouraged to contact ASWB. All reports will be handled discreetly.

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