Regulatory research

ASWB prioritizes and shares high-quality research about best practices in social work regulation. ASWB has funded and commissioned peer-reviewed research.

Now accepting research proposals

ASWB is currently accepting proposals for research related to occupational and professional regulation, with an emphasis on social work regulatory best practices. The RFP  was developed by the association’s Regulatory Research Committee. The committee will also be reviewing and evaluating proposals.

The RFP identifies multiple areas of focus for research, such as

  • Variables associated with the results reported in the 2022 ASWB Examination Pass Rate Analysis
  • The impact of licensure on the social work profession
  • Supervision’s role in social work licensure
  • Professional practice standards
  • Electronic practice
  • Regulatory enforcement

Deadline for proposals is May 31, 2023. ASWB anticipates announcing funding selections in late summer 2023.


Legislative updates

ASWB subscribes to U.S. state-based research services to monitor and track proposed regulatory and legislative changes that can affect social work professional regulation. The information is provided as a service to ASWB members and stakeholders. ASWB has selected topics for tracking from state and federal regulatory and legislative proposals received in the current sessions.

Laws and regulations database

ASWB maintains information about social work regulations and licensure/registration requirements as a service to ASWB members and the public.

Spotlight on Regulation

Spotlight on Regulation provides snapshots of jurisdiction requirements that quickly convey key information to users.

Request licensing data

How many licensed social workers are in the United States and Canada? How often do jurisdictions require social workers to renew their licenses? What’s the average number of supervision hours required for a clinical license?

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