Regulatory research

The 2019–2021 Strategic Framework directs ASWB to serve as a conduit for and repository of high-quality research about best practices in social work regulation.

Research priorities

  • Ethical boundary violations/licensee misconduct
  • Clinical supervisor qualifications and continuing competence for supervisors
  • Electronic practice and where practice occurs
  • Supervised practice and supervision for clinical licensure
  • Unlicensed practice and/or exemptions to licensure
  • Scope of practice consistency
  • Evaluating and ensuring continuing competence for licensees

Though implementation of this directive has been interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, ASWB remains committed to supporting regulatory best practices through curating research.

Licensure by endorsement resources

In 2018, ASWB membership adopted licensure by endorsement as the best mobility model for social work licensing. Endorsement allows social workers to move more easily between jurisdictions.

Licensing and regulatory enforcement resources

As part of their public protection mission, social work regulatory boards enforce the rules and statutes enacted in their state or province.

Social work supervision resources

Curated resources focus on the supervision in social work licensing and regulation

Technology and social work regulation resources

Curated resources focus on the use of technology in social work practice.

Legislative updates

ASWB subscribes to U.S. state-based research services to monitor and track proposed regulatory and legislative changes that can affect social work professional regulation. The information is provided as a service to ASWB members and stakeholders. ASWB has selected topics for tracking from state and federal regulatory and legislative proposals received in the current sessions.

Laws and regulations database

ASWB maintains information about social work regulations and licensure/registration requirements as a service to ASWB members and the public.

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