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  • The DEIJ Committee, named earlier this year, has been charged by the Board of Directors with researching and establishing best practices in increasing justice and equity in social work regulation—from increasing diversity on regulatory boards to exploring disciplinary outcomes.

  • April 22, 2022

    News from ASWB members and volunteers

  • In July, ASWB committees met in person for the first time since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic some 15 months earlier. Volunteers and ASWB staff were equally excited about the opportunity to meet in person.

  • The REAL Committee, like all ASWB committees in 2020, didn’t hold any in-person meetings, but that didn’t prevent the group from hitting the ground running.

  • In fulfilling its charge to develop proposals for additions or changes to the Model Social Work Practice Act, RAS Committee members will be considering how social work regulation is affected by emergencies such as the current pandemic. Although this public health emergency is unprecedented, regulators need to consider how emergency provisions affect public protection in […]

  • But Exam Committee members aren’t the only volunteers pondering important questions. Five other ASWB committees met in Alexandria, Virginia, in July to consider issues facing the association. Their charges, delivered to each committee by the ASWB Board of Directors, are, in essence, questions that committee members need to work on together to answer. Who should […]

  •   Social work is called a “helping profession.” This attribute was at the forefront during the first meeting of the 2019 Examination Committee in Charleston, South Carolina, March 27–31. Eight new members joined the Bachelors, Masters, and Clinical exam committees that review questions (called items) before they debut as unscored pretest questions on the licensing […]