• June 29, 2020

    Association Asides, May/June 2020

  • Awards for this kind of selfless service, whether related to the pandemic or not, will be presented at the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly in Scottsdale, Arizona. ASWB needs your help to recognize outstanding regulators in 2020. Tell us who deserves either the Sunny Andrews Award for regulatory board members or the Glenda McDonald […]

  • ASWB CEO Dwight Hymans has kept the ASWB Board of Directors up to date on staff activity during the pandemic, noting: “It certainly has been a time of uncertainty and disturbance. But the resilience of ASWB staff and their dedication to the organization have been key to meeting the challenges and making the adjustments. I […]

  • June 29, 2020
    All in the timing

    After delays in nearly every step of the building process, ASWB’s headquarters was finally ready—in the middle of a pandemic that has forced the association’s staff to work remotely for the past three months. (See related story.) “Instead of ‘Why move during a pandemic?’” ASWB CEO Dwight Hymans says, “the question was more ‘Why not?’” With […]

  • The COVID-19 pandemic should and will lead to changes in government and regulatory boards. Change can be positive and should be constantly embraced. Now is the time for social work boards to consider changes and to act where it is within their control and where deemed appropriate. ASWB member boards must reflect upon their roles, […]

  • As a profession, social work is uniquely positioned to address both of these crises. Social workers have the knowledge and skills to help those who are encountering economic and emotional distress as a result of the pandemic. With our profession’s lenses of systems theory and advocacy, social workers can be effective change agents at the […]

  • British Columbia Mark Hillenbrand, registrar and CEO of the British Columbia College of Social Workers, says his office closed in mid-March. “We haven’t been in the office since then.” Nevertheless, the college, which serves approximately 5,000 social work registrants, has continued to provide all services with minimal disruption. Provisional and temporary registrations  No new legal […]

  • Sohani Fernando, LCSW, who has served ASWB as an item writer since 2016, sent this March 26 dispatch from Sri Lanka. Educated at Baylor University and licensed in Texas, Sohani returned to the South Asian island nation to work in humanitarian aid and orphan care and to be close to family. As of April 25, […]

  • Executive orders may also provide directives to individuals that effectively have force of law and can lead to sanctions if violated. Executive orders can come from the federal government via the president and from individual states via the governor. When executive orders are issued, regulatory boards have the challenging responsibility of determining how to respond […]

  • In fulfilling its charge to develop proposals for additions or changes to the Model Social Work Practice Act, RAS Committee members will be considering how social work regulation is affected by emergencies such as the current pandemic. Although this public health emergency is unprecedented, regulators need to consider how emergency provisions affect public protection in […]