Association News: Vol. 29 No. 3

  • The agendas that we are facing, although we come from different disciplines, are very similar,” Benton said. “I would encourage you to work collaboratively across jurisdictions, whether you be in the United States or Canada, but also think about how you might actually draw from related disciplines as well.” Benton pointed out that challenges to […]

  • She assigned the speakers and participants to the roles of regulator, public, social worker, and lawmaker. “We’ve had several sessions about what to say, who to talk to, how to talk to them,” Henkel said. “This session is really about switching up points of view.” So that attendees could easily identify the alter ego each […]

  • Regulatory research and ASWB have gone hand in hand for decades, so much so that it is a central purpose of the association’s bylaws. By incorporating research into the strategic framework, the ASWB Board of Directors acknowledges its continuing importance to members and the regulatory community at large. Although nursing and medicine are at the […]

  • The ASWB Board achieves this responsibility by embracing healthy, ethical, and legal governance and prudent financial oversight; ensuring adequate resources; and focusing on issues pertinent to our membership. The Board examines generative questions, scans the horizon, and is forward thinking about the association, member board needs, and public protection. The Board is keeping two issues […]

  • IFSWR meets in conjunction with the meetings of the CLEAR International Congress and the International Federation of Social Workers, which are held in alternating years. Because the ASWB Board recognizes the clear benefits of belonging to IFSWR and the leadership that ASWB has demonstrated within the group, the Board directed me to take the lead […]

  • June 26, 2019

    Association Asides, May/June 2019