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  • June 28, 2022
    The first step

    Wesley May, a member of the Red Lake Nation of the Ojibwe people, is an artist who works to help others explore their own creativity and build a sense of community. His workshop kicked off ASWB’s 2022 Education Meeting.

  • The 2022 ASWB Education Meeting is happening in person and online this year. Participants will gather in Chicago and via Zoom to explore the core functions of social work regulation from several different perspectives.

  • The REAL Committee, like all ASWB committees in 2020, didn’t hold any in-person meetings, but that didn’t prevent the group from hitting the ground running.

  • In words and actions, the Board of Directors reaffirms ASWB’s values.

  • The agendas that we are facing, although we come from different disciplines, are very similar,” Benton said. “I would encourage you to work collaboratively across jurisdictions, whether you be in the United States or Canada, but also think about how you might actually draw from related disciplines as well.” Benton pointed out that challenges to […]

  • She assigned the speakers and participants to the roles of regulator, public, social worker, and lawmaker. “We’ve had several sessions about what to say, who to talk to, how to talk to them,” Henkel said. “This session is really about switching up points of view.” So that attendees could easily identify the alter ego each […]

  • Each offered a wide-angle look at regulation, bringing a historical and multiprofession perspective to an audience of social work regulators whose daily concerns may be more tightly focused on their own licensees, their jurisdiction’s statutes, and the professions their regulatory bodies regulate. The two speakers shared the history of professional regulation in the United States […]