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  • By combining existing software programs into a single web-based tool, ASWBCentral now provides a single sign-on for multiple functions and a simpler user experience for regulatory board staff. Each member jurisdiction can assign roles and permissions to its own staff members, meaning that individual users access only the tools they need for their work. For […]

    Screen shot from a software system. Items on the screen read "Appications. Approvals. Score Transfers. PPD Management. Exam Results. User Management. Help guide."
  • April 22, 2022

    News from ASWB members and volunteers

  • Building understanding about social work regulation and promoting consistency in standards are dual goals of a recent collaboration between ASWB’s Member Engagement and Regulatory Services department and marketing staff. A new resource, Spotlight on Regulation, is now available on aswb.org. It features graphically presented information and interactive maps that supplement the dynamic laws and regulations […]

  • June 25, 2021

    Updates from ASWB members and volunteers

  • ASWB’s Board Member Exchange has relied on attendees identifying current hot topics for discussion, with participants sharing challenges their own boards have experienced and solutions that have worked. All benefit from the conversations as they learn from the experiences of their peers.

  • April 22, 2021
    Engaging with CE

    More than 25 ASWB members joined the most recent Engaging with ASWB Zoom conversation on April 15. Focused on continuing education, the meeting was facilitated by ASWB Senior Director of Member Engagement and Regulatory Services Jennifer Henkel.

  • Over the past several months, ASWB staff have reviewed proposed initiatives and provided information to members on a variety of issues not related to COVID-19. Staff uses data compiled in the Laws and Regulations database and conducts additional research when needed to assist with member requests. The Model Social Work Practice Act informs ASWB’s review […]

  • ASWB CEO Dwight Hymans has kept the ASWB Board of Directors up to date on staff activity during the pandemic, noting: “It certainly has been a time of uncertainty and disturbance. But the resilience of ASWB staff and their dedication to the organization have been key to meeting the challenges and making the adjustments. I […]

  • The ASWB Board achieves this responsibility by embracing healthy, ethical, and legal governance and prudent financial oversight; ensuring adequate resources; and focusing on issues pertinent to our membership. The Board examines generative questions, scans the horizon, and is forward thinking about the association, member board needs, and public protection. The Board is keeping two issues […]