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  • To date, more than 52,000 social workers have participated in the Social Work Census, a major workforce study and practice analysis for the social work profession. That total number includes approximately 17,000 people who have submitted completed surveys and another 35,000 individuals who have begun responses and saved their progress. To maximize opportunities for participation […]

    Social work census logo, featuring a raised hand and a ribbon with text reading "Social Workers Count!"
  • As we enter 2024, the ASWB examination program is looking forward to realizing many long-anticipated changes and initiatives. We are transitioning out of a year of planning and preparation and into a year of goals completed. Read more for details on what’s coming in the new year!
  • ASWB is using the Community Conversations research findings reported by HumRRO to inform the continued development of fair, reliable, and valid competence assessments and to determine future initiatives aimed at closing pass rate gaps among demographic groups.
    Cover to the Community Conversations research report. The subtitle is "Social Work Journeys".
  • As part of our ongoing investment in creating competence measures for the future of social work, ASWB has invited social workers to share their experiences with social work licensing and the licensing exams via two independent research efforts.
  • Last year, ASWB took the groundbreaking step of publishing pass rate data for the social work licensing exams to contribute to and lead engagement in profession-wide conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion. At that time, we also pledged to include a more diverse set of voices in our exam development process and provide more support and resources for educators and supervisors as they prepare licensure candidates. We are committed to listening to and learning from the social work com
  • The data highlighted disparities in exam pass rates for different demographic groups. For Black test-takers and older test-takers, pass rates were particularly low. The discrepancies seen in the data are unacceptable. Recognizing that multiple factors impact a test-taker’s performance and need to be addressed, we remain committed to doing our part and working with other […]

  • Candidates can expect to see these improvements to the exam administration process starting in January 2023: Three-option multiple choice phased in Exam forms may contain both three- and four-option questions beginning in January 2023. The exam will gradually include more three-option questions going forward, with the goal of completing the transition by 2025. Exam questions […]

  • Member boards and legislatures must understand the basic premise behind entry-level competence assessments and the vital role they play. This knowledge will lead to more-informed legislative and administrative decisions.

  • The momentum is building. ASWB’s effort to collaboratively reenvision the examination development process is ramping up, and exciting developments are getting under way. The current work is aimed at making progress on the goals identified in the association’s Strategic Framework 2022–2023—specifically, to “engage with stakeholders to educate and increase transparency around the licensing exams.” That […]

  • ASWB is committed to listening to the entire social work community, learning from the profession’s diverse voices, and including as many perspectives as possible as it builds exams for the future of social work.