Testing experience enhancements coming January 1, 2023

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ASWB continually listens to and learns from test-taker feedback and is beginning to implement thoughtful changes to the testing experience while balancing ongoing exam security. The changes are aimed at reducing stress and smoothing processes on exam day.

Candidates can expect to see these improvements to the exam administration process starting in January 2023:

Three-option multiple choice phased in

  • Exam forms may contain both three- and four-option questions beginning in January 2023. The exam will gradually include more three-option questions going forward, with the goal of completing the transition by 2025.
  • Exam questions with fewer options will offer test-takers a better experience by reducing time pressure and ensuring a focus on a test-taker’s social work knowledge.
  • This change follows psychometric expertise that confirms the validity of three-option multiple-choice questions.

Access to food permitted

  • Test-takers will be permitted to retrieve a snack from their locker and consume it in the waiting area during the examination.
  • Security risks are minimal because the locker area is monitored by test center staff and is under camera surveillance.

Cell phone bags no longer required

  • Test-takers will no longer be required to seal electronics in a tamper-proof bag before shutting them down and storing them in the locker.
  • Because all electronics must be powered off and stored in lockers, the extra measure of a tamper-proof bag is not required.

“We always have to balance security concerns with the comfort of the test-takers,” says Director of Exam Administration Felicia Dennison. “These new measures illustrate ASWB’s commitment to evaluating existing procedures and revising them based on both feedback from test-takers and evidence of their effectiveness.”