Association News: Vol. 30 No. 5

  • October 26, 2020

    Association Asides, September/October 2020

  • Delegate and member board presence is what fuels ASWB and provides direct input into the policy setting and evolution of the organization. Without the need for physical travel, ASWB looks forward to a record number of delegates, members of member boards, and administrators taking part in the virtual annual meeting. Please note the dates and […]

  • For those unfamiliar with the process recording tool, it’s a written record of an interview between an intern and a client. In one part of this tool, students document, verbatim, the conversation that occurs between the student and the client. In another part, students record thoughts and feelings experienced throughout the interview. This section helps […]

  • Over the past several months, ASWB staff have reviewed proposed initiatives and provided information to members on a variety of issues not related to COVID-19. Staff uses data compiled in the Laws and Regulations database and conducts additional research when needed to assist with member requests. The Model Social Work Practice Act informs ASWB’s review […]

  • Among the benefits of ASWB’s Board Member Exchange meetings is the opportunity for member board members to share successes and challenges with one another and gain new perspectives. The September 2020 virtual BMX produced an exchange between two members who are geographically distant but close together in concerns. John Shalett, chair of the Louisiana State […]