• All proposed legislation to a practice act should be presented to the relevant regulatory board for input. The expertise on the board is beneficial to the legislature when determining what’s in the best interest of the consuming public.

  • Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, ASWB shifted the planned in-person training to an interactive, online delivery method. The move helped to ensure safety for the new writers, consultants, and staff involved in the program without negatively affecting the quality of learning for participants or their enthusiasm. Diverse perspectives The first step in exam development involves […]

  • The change of delivery software won’t change the exam content or scoring, and ASWB member boards that routinely download exam scores won’t see a difference in how scores are reported, Carpenter says.

  • October 28, 2021

    News and updates from ASWB member jurisdictions and volunteers

  • ASWB is pleased to announce the 2021 edition of the Examination Program Yearbook, an annual publication that highlights the expertise and diversity of the Examination Committee volunteers, item writers, and exam development consultants who contribute to the development of the social work licensing exams. This is the 12th edition of the yearbook, published in 2021 […]

  • Earlier this month, the ASWB Board of Directors and ASWB leadership planned and dreamed for ASWB’s future at the Board Advance! Many participants said they were proud of the work we did. I felt the same at witnessing and contributing to the thoughtful and energetic discussion that day.

  • On August 6, ASWB Board members met in person for the 2021 Board Advance! It was the first in-person meeting of the Board since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

  • In July, ASWB committees met in person for the first time since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic some 15 months earlier. Volunteers and ASWB staff were equally excited about the opportunity to meet in person.

  • When enforcing the practice act against persons alleged to have violated the law, regulatory boards are constrained by the authority delegated to them by the legislature. Social work boards are created and authorized via legislative enactment of statutes.

  • August 27, 2021

    Updates from ASWB members and volunteers