Géraldine Poirier Baiani

Board of Directors candidate: Treasurer

New Brunswick Association of Social Workers

Term ends: June 2024

Please give a brief biography, including your education, licensure or certification level and employment history:

I am a Registered Social Worker, a BSW graduate from the Université de Moncton and of the Executive Management programs at Queens and the Niagara Institute. I started my career in Child Protection and worked in many programs as a front line Social Worker, Supervisor, Manager and Regional Director until I retired as Assistant Deputy Minister of the Department of Social Development, the largest employer of Social Workers in the province. After a successful career I drew on my 35 years of experience to write about some of the achievements, programs and services I led while in government. Several articles on Family Group conferencing were published in journals between 2014 and 2020. I also represented the NBASW-ATTSNB on the Canadian Association of Social Workers Editorial Board.

Give a synopsis of your regulatory and professional experience. Please emphasize your involvement with ASWB:

I have attended all ASWB Education conferences (virtually and physically) since 2019 and have been at all the Delegate Assembly meetings during that time as a voting delegate. I am currently the Board Treasurer after having been elected in November 2022 to finish the previous Treasurer’s term. I served on the ASWB DEI&J Committee and was a speaker at the 2022 Education conference. I was first involved on the Executive of the NBASW-ATTSNB board at the beginning of my career and worked on the committee that brought in the legislation that gave the Association control of the title and practice of Social Work. I also chaired the Re-opening of the Act Committee in 2019 that rewrote the NBASW-ATTSNB Act which added diagnosis to the scope of practice. More recently I was instrumental in getting the Board and membership approval to proceed with the control of title and practice of Social Work technicians, legislative changes are being introduced in the House this Fall. I was elected as President of the Board in 2019, completed my four year term, and will serve as Past president until June 2024.

Finally, make a brief statement on the major issues you see facing ASWB, and how you would address them:

The sharing of the exam pass data has had a huge impact on the day to day work of ASWB and on many member jurisdictions. As a Board member I will commit to make sure member jurisdictions and test takers have the support and information they need, and that legislators and others are educated on the value and importance of competency assessments and licensure.

ASWB has a tremendous impact on the practice of Social Work. We protect the public by ensuring that practitioners are competent. The exams are one way but there is pressure to look at other ways as well to make sure that skilled, ethical and moral professionals are able to practice in Canada and the US and be assessed in English, French or Spanish. I want to be part of those conversations which will impact the future of our profession, coming up with solutions, reviewing consequences and evaluating options. As Treasurer I will commit to being available for those conversations, and any other questions. I will put in the required time necessary and be sure to listen. I will be transparent and will bring my experience and knowledge to the table. I look forward to continuing in the capacity of Treasurer for another term.