Applying to be an ACE provider

Providers who wish to become approved by ACE for all their appropriate social work continuing education must submit a detailed application.

Application forms

Required forms:

Optional forms, depending on the application details:

ACE provider appendix

Submitting materials with your application

Organize all required course materials and completed application documents, using a table of contents and naming files/attachments so that they are easily identifiable. A sample table of contents is included in the appendix.

  • Save any web page referenced in the application as a PDF or other electronic document and submit it as part of the required course sample information.
  • Electronically sign application documents requiring a signature or scan the signed document.
  • Save new versions of all application forms, which are MS Word documents, before filling them in on the computer. Documents that are completed by hand will not be accepted, even if these are scanned and submitted electronically.
  • Respond to every question. If a question does not apply, enter “n/a” and explain.
  • Mail application materials that cannot be sent electronically (e.g., check or money order, book, bound conference brochure, DVD, or other course materials). Hard copies will be accepted by postal mail only if electronic versions are not available. Applicants must note in the application that course materials are being mailed separately.
Download the new application checklist


Download the Fee worksheet & payment form
  • Submit a fee worksheet and payment form with payment at the time of application. Application part 1 and part 2 fees are submitted as one total payment.
  • The nonrefundable application fee entitles a provider to application review and does not guarantee approval.
  • Applicants are responsible for reviewing the fee sheet and submitting the correct payment amount based on the number of courses offered in the initial approval period. Overpayments will not be returned.
  • Payment methods
    • Applicants from outside the United States must pay by money order or credit card.
    • For your security, do not email the fee worksheet and payment form with credit card information.

Pay by mail:
ASWB ACE Program
17126 Mountain Run Vista Ct.
Culpeper, VA 22701

Pay by phone:
Email ace@aswb.org to request a phone call. When we receive your email, we’ll call you and take your payment information by telephone.

Submitting your application

By email: Send your application and supporting documents as separate attachments to ace@aswb.org.

File sharing (e.g., Dropbox): Send your file sharing link to ace@aswb.org. If we are unable to access the file, we will request email submission.

Storage media (CD, DVD, flash drive, etc.): Include all forms and documents on the same media. We must be able to access all files and save them electronically.

Course samples

When applying to become an ACE provider and at the time of renewal, applicants must submit a different course sample for each delivery method for which CE credit will be offered or as directed on the current ACE application.

A course sample consists of all applicable course materials including, but not limited to:

  • PowerPoint slides
  • speaker notes
  • course outline
  • handouts
  • articles
  • books
  • DVDs
  • PDF of website and other promotional material
  • evaluations
  • certificates
  • references
  • attendance records
  • posttests
  • access to online courses for ACE reviewers
Download a sample table of contents for application submittal


Application review process

The entire application review process usually takes a minimum of three months. Average time is three to six months from the receipt of a complete application until approval decision. ACE does not offer an expedited process.

  • Applications are reviewed in the order received. If an incomplete application is received, a staff member will contact the applicant to request missing items. Only when all items, including payment, have been received will the application be considered complete and ready for review.
  • Once the completed application(s) and course material have been reviewed, ACE will send a written review report detailing any areas that do not meet ACE standards and actions the applicant must take to comply with ACE requirements.
  • The original application and fee allows the applicant’s materials to be reviewed three times. Applicants who are not approved after two revisions and who wish to submit additional revisions to materials must request additional reviews and pay additional fees.
  • If ACE determines at any point in the review process that an applicant’s program is not relevant to social work, no additional revisions will be allowed.
  • Occasionally, the ACE review team encounters an issue with an applicant’s program that is not covered in the ACE Handbook. ASWB reserves the right to interpret or create a policy based on best practice to address the provider’s unique circumstances and to require the applicant to adhere to the decision.
  • The review process must be completed within one year from the date of the initial application. Applicants who are not approved within a year will be denied approval and, if they wish to continue the application process, must reapply as new applicants.
  • After ACE reviewers agree that the applicant’s materials and program meet ACE standards, they will recommend approval to the ASWB Board of Directors which makes the final approval determination.
  • If approved, the provider will be notified in writing. ACE providers must meet all ACE standards for any course offered for CE credit.
  • If the applicant is not approved as an ACE provider, the applicant may appeal the decision.
  • When reviewing an application, the ACE review team reserves the right to seek expert advice and relevant information from external sources, provided that such information is kept confidential by the review team and the adviser. For example, ASWB’s Continuing Competence Committee may review applications. This committee is made up of social work professionals licensed in the United States and Canada who volunteer with ASWB. It is a diverse group of social workers with practice or academic backgrounds who have regulatory board experience.
Download the ACE Handbook Download the course material requirements checklist

Remaining in good standing with ACE

After ASWB grants approval, the provider must comply with ACE standards to stay in good standing.

  • Each ACE provider must complete and submit an updated provider agreement annually and at every renewal.
  • Providers who are found to be out of compliance with ACE standards and are unable to come into compliance within the designated time frame will be determined to be out of good standing and will be subject to adverse action by ASWB ACE.
    • The specifics of the adverse action are determined on a case-by-case basis and may include probation, suspension, or revocation of the ACE provider approval.
    • When a provider is found to be out of compliance with ACE standards, ASWB ACE will send a written report or statement that details why the provider has been found to be out of compliance, what actions ASWB ACE is taking, what the provider must do to come in to compliance if ASWB ACE allows, and the deadline for completing required actions.


When an applicant or provider disagrees with an approval or revocation decision, the applicant or provider may appeal the decision to ASWB’s Board of Directors.

  • An applicant or provider my request an appeal if
    • Initial ACE approval is denied
    • ACE approval is revoked
    • Renewal is denied
    • An approved format has been removed from a provider’s approved format list
  • Appeals must be made in writing to the CEO of ASWB at the association’s current address.
  • Appeals must include the nonrefundable administrative appeal fee. See Fee Sheet for more details.


New ACE providers must renew one year after initial approval. Following the first-year renewal, providers must renew every three years. An email will be sent to the primary contact two months prior to the due date, which is three months prior to the expiration date.

  • ACE providers must submit a renewal application and all required materials and fees by their renewal due date. The renewal due date is one month prior to the current approval period’s expiration date. Providers who do not submit all required materials and fees by the due date may be subject to late fees.
    • Late fees are assessed for renewal packets submitted more than 10 days after the due date.
    • Reinstatement fees, in addition to late fees, are assessed for renewal packets submitted 90 days or less after the current approval period’s expiration date.
    • A new provider application is required when providers are more than 90 days past the expiration of their provider approval period.
  • Course material must meet current ACE standards when submitted for renewal. Courses or course materials may no longer meet current standards if standards have been updated since initial approval or last renewal. ACE providers are responsible for updating courses and materials to meet the current standards.
  • ACE providers who have not offered a course in one of its approved formats during the last approval period must submit mocked-up materials for a course in that format if they wish to maintain approval for that format.
  • Providers may not submit the same course sample for two formats unless ACE grants an exception to the policy. For example, an exception might be granted if the organization only offers one course delivered in more than one format.
  • Providers may not submit the same course sample used in a previous renewal unless they offer only one course. In this case, note the reason for resubmitting the same course on the application.

Renewal application checklist

Renewal application section VI–Course sample information