Regulatory Research Committee

The Regulatory Research Committee assesses the research needs of ASWB and its members, develops RFPs for research, and establishes funding structures and policies.

2024 members

Kenya Anderson (TN), chair
Amy Ashton-Williams (OR)
Brian Brumley (TX)
Adrienne Ekas (MD)
Leanette Henagan (AZ)
Elizabeth Pope, board liaison

Time commitment

The Regulatory Research Committee customarily meets in-person once a year in the summer. This one-day meeting is usually held on a Friday or Saturday. Attendees travel the day before the meeting and the day after the meeting. Information about the date and location of the meeting is included in the committee appointment letter from the ASWB President when invited to serve on the committee. In-person meeting attendance is fully funded by ASWB. Conference calls or virtual meetings may be required.


  • Conducting an annual assessment of the regulatory research needs of ASWB membership, to include prioritizing the types of research needed and making the list available to interested researchers.
  • Reviewing published research about occupational licensing, with particular focus on the social work profession, and making relevant research and/or a synopsis of the research available to ASWB members.
  • Submitting articles for publication in an annual edition of the ASWB newsletter dedicated to regulatory research as a means of communicating with membership.
  • Establishing policies for commissioning research and reviewing commissioned research proposals.
  • Developing a budget and policies for awarding grants to researchers.
  • Creating and publishing an RFP for regulatory research.
  • Joining a committee

    Most committee members are appointed by the president and approved by the Board of Directors at its first meeting of the calendar year. Anyone who serves on an ASWB member board or is staff to an ASWB member board is eligible to serve on a committee.