Examination Committee

The Examination Committee reviews each exam question before it is included as a pretest item on the licensing exams. Committee members are selected from among the item writers trained to write questions for the exams.

2024 Members

Nikki Barfield (FL), co-chair
Paul Perales (WI), co-chair
Alejandro Zamora (ID), co-chair

Anita Arenson (MN)
Ophra Ashur (CA)
Nelly Chow (AB)
Dianna Cooper-Bolinskey (IN)
Olivia Fojas (CA)
LeQuandra Hale-Banks (TN)
Cole Hooley (UT)
Jean Leong (AB)
Keri Mabry (MN)
Morgan McDowell (MN)
Chaundra Randle (MI)
Benjamin Rosenberg (NY)
Jodi Schollaardt (AB)
Amy Seese-Bieda (WA)
Rhodalyn Thomas (CA)
Marquita Thurmon (MS)
Michelle Tremba (FL)
Betty Voltaire (NY)
Senetra Wallace (NC)

Description in bylaws

The president shall appoint all members of the Examination Committee after receiving input and approval from the Board of Directors. The composition of the Examination Committee shall reflect the levels and nature of social work practice as identified in the association’s current job analysis. Tenure of members shall be determined by the president. The Examination Committee shall be responsible for reviewing and approving questions for the association’s examination programs, and other related tasks as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Time commitment

The ASWB Examination Committee customarily meets in person up to four times per year. Committee members are required to attend the entire meeting which customarily runs all day on Friday and Saturday and until midday on Sunday. Committee members will be expected to travel to the meeting on Thursday and return home after adjournment on Sunday. Attendees who are new to the committee may be required to arrive on Wednesday for the first meeting to attend training on Thursday afternoon. In-person meeting attendance is fully funded by ASWB. An online committee meeting may take the place of an in-person meeting.

Member strengths

Examination Committee members must first serve as ASWB item writers. The following skills and/or characteristics are helpful in completing the work of the Examination Committee:

  • Ability to engage in long-term commitment to ASWB
  • Flexible work schedule to allow for up to four meetings per year
  • Ability to accept constructive criticism
  • Appreciation for diverse perspectives
  • Ability to work comfortably in a consensus model of decision-making
  • Ability to access and evaluate social work content and references
  • Ability to fully participate in group discussions

Each Exam Committee member must be a social worker, currently practicing, with a license in good standing.