Bylaws and Resolutions Committee

The Bylaws and Resolutions Committee reviews the association’s bylaws and recommends modifications to enhance the operations of ASWB. This committee also collects and reviews any resolutions put forward by members. Delegates vote on amendments proposed by the committee at the Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly.

2024 Members

Elizabeth Crone (AR), chair
Jolene Engelking (MN)
Miguel LeBlanc (NB)
Claudia Vicencio (FL)
Stephan Viehweg (IN)
Ann-Marie Buchanan, board liaison

Description in bylaws

There shall be at least five members on the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee, appointed by the president after receiving input and approval from the Board of Directors. The composition and tenure of the members shall be determined by the president. The Bylaws and Resolutions Committee shall propose amendments to the bylaws when it determines that such amendment is necessary and shall receive and consider proposed amendments to the bylaws submitted in accordance with these bylaws. The committee shall receive and consider all resolutions submitted in accordance with association policy.

Time commitment

The Bylaws Committee customarily meets in person once a year in the summer. This one-day meeting is usually held on a Friday or Saturday. Attendees travel the day before the meeting and the day after the meeting. Information about the date and location of the meeting is included in the committee appointment letter from the ASWB President when invited to serve on the committee. In-person meeting attendance is fully funded by ASWB. Conference calls or virtual meetings may be required.

Member strengths

The following skills and/or characteristics are helpful in completing the work of the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee

  • Familiarity with the ASWB governance process
  • Service on other nonprofit boards
  • Awareness of policy development
  • Understanding of and experience with ASWB as an organization
  • Service as a delegate at an Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly



  • Joining a committee

    Most committee members are appointed by the president and approved by the Board of Directors at its first meeting of the calendar year. Anyone who serves on an ASWB member board or is staff to an ASWB member board is eligible to serve on a committee.