Nonstandard testing arrangements

Testing arrangements for individuals with disabilities or other health conditions

If you have a disability or other health condition, you may be eligible to receive nonstandard testing arrangements. You must request and receive approval for the arrangements before you register with ASWB to take the exam. The state or provincial social work board and ASWB will cooperate in making any necessary determinations under all applicable federal, state, provincial, and local legislation, including but not limited to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Where applicable, requests for nonstandard testing arrangements will be forwarded to the appropriate licensing board for approval.

Documented disabilities are protected under federal and/or state law and generally apply to a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activity.

Other health conditions may include:

  • Conditions such as diabetes that require a monitoring device
  • Temporary or short-term conditions such as:
    • A broken bone requiring an ambulatory arrangement
    • Pregnancy requiring additional breaks
    • Breastfeeding requiring access to a breast pump

Please note: Individuals who need arrangements for American Sign Language must use this form to request nonstandard testing arrangements.

Standard examination administration:

  • Candidates will have four hours to complete 170 multiple-choice questions administered on a computer
  • Select answers directly on the computer using a mouse and keyboard
  • May take short breaks during the four-hour test at their discretion; testing time does not stop for breaks.

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English as a second language arrangements

Some state and provincial social work boards allow special arrangements for candidates whose first language is not English. Qualified candidates who use English as a second language may request additional time (up to two extra hours) and the use of up to two dictionaries (one bilingual word-to-word and/or one English).

Please note: Not all states and provinces allow for and accept examination scores using ESL arrangements. Check with your licensing board.