Lactation arrangements

Lactating individuals may be approved for nonstandard testing arrangements so they can pump or express milk during their exam appointment.


Due to high volume, applicants may expect a longer than typical processing time.

Lactating individuals who need to pump or express milk may be approved for these nonstandard testing arrangements:

  • Sixty minutes of extra time for pumping or expressing
  • Use of a designated space for pumping or expressing
  • Permission to keep water in a transparent, spill proof, sports-type bottle with a spout at the testing desk

For individuals who are approved to pump or express milk, PSI test centers in the United States and Canada will provide a private space. The space varies at each test center, but all have a chair, table, electrical outlet, and door. The private space is available to individuals approved for this nonstandard arrangement and may be used only for pumping or expressing milk. PSI will disable camera views and block viewing windows as needed in the designated private space.

Candidates requesting lactation arrangements need to attest to their need on a form with a digital signature.


Please include your name as it appears on your Authorization To Test email if you have received it.
If you are already registered to take your licensing exam, enter the Candidate ID provided in your Authorization To Test email. Providing it here will make it easier for us to locate your record.
Test center transition

The transition to PSI test centers has begun. Test-takers who register for the exam beginning November 1, 2023, will be testing with PSI.