Practice Analysis Task Force contributes expertise to social work competence assessment update

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Photograph of a diverse group of people

The 2022–2024 Practice Analysis Task Force, a group of 38 licensed social workers, provides subject matter expertise to ASWB’s next analysis of the practice of social work. The practice analysis is being reenvisioned as the Social Work Census, a profession-wide workforce study and job analysis. The census will help ASWB shape content outlines for the next iteration of the social work licensing exams to be released in January 2026.

“We have doubled the size of the task force that will oversee the next update of our competence assessment,” says Lavina Harless, senior director of examination services. “As we continue our equity journey, we are committed to expanding the diversity of perspectives involved in the entire examination development process.”

Practice Analysis Task Force members

Bachelors exam

  • Beatrice Aina, MD
  • Donna Ennis, WI
  • Liz Gallaspy, GA
  • Marianna Rodriguez, TX
  • Melvin Cheatem, MN
  • Rhonda Surowaniec, AB
  • Declan Harrison, BC
  • Tammy Sung, TX
  • Radinka Jeyathas, ON
  • Veronica Knowles, MS

Masters exam

  • Alexis Diaz, NY
  • Alma Mena, TX
  • Cheryl Fergerson, TN
  • Andrea Canales, BC
  • Deana Jones, ME
  • Theresa Flowers, AR
  • Julie Ouellette, NB
  • Eric T Jones, VA
  • Pamela Green, NC

Advanced Generalist exam

  • Endsley Real, GA
  • Carisa E. Sanchez, CT
  • Courtney McFadden, VA
  • Erika Dautruche, NY
  • Jerome Land, NJ
  • Jodi Gore, OH
  • Jolene Engelking, MN
  • René Garcell, FL
  • Raina Williams-Caldwell, LA
  • Sara Manisco Chapo, TX

Clinical exam

  • Blake McCullough, MI
  • Charina Carothers, WA
  • Charnell Smith, LA
  • Joi Griffin Showell, GA
  • Navita Bhinderjit Senghera, BC
  • Sandra Turner, NM
  • Teresa DeMichele, CT
  • Victoria Gray, FL