Relicensure with a lapse of less than 2 years

Instructions for applicants previously licensed as Social Workers in Massachusetts with a license lapsed more than one year, but less than two years.

  1. Licenses lapsed less than 1 year; contact the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Social Workers. Do not use this application.
  2. An explanation is required on the online application explaining the circumstances under which the prior license lapsed.
  3. Compliance with the continuing education requirements must be documented. The Continuing Education form and CE documentation must be emailed with other qualifying documentation to mass.sw.app@aswb.org.
  4. Applicants who possess a current or expired license in another jurisdiction must submit a certified licensure verification form the original, sealed envelope from the issuing jurisdiction.
  5. A criminal history acknowledgment form (PDF) must be notarized, signed with corresponding dates, and mailed or faxed to ASWB.
  6. Applicants will be notified via email when the application has been approved or needs further attention.
  7. LICSW applicants must review the MassHealth enrollment requirement. Learn more.
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  • Relicensure fees

    US$153 application fee

    Examination registration fee will be due at registration.

    Massachusetts licensure fee will be due after requirements have been met