Leading by example

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Carla Moore’s journey to reach the position of chair of the Nominating Committee serves as an example to all ASWB aspiring leaders. Moore put her name forward more than once before she was elected to the Nominating Committee, and she is quick to encourage others to “try, try again” if their desire to serve as an elected leader is not realized the first time.

“Each year can be a different story. You can’t give up. Once you have decided that you have the skill set for something, you have to be persistent. I want to encourage others just like I was encouraged.” – Carla Moore, Nominating Committee Chair
photograph of Carla Moore
Nominating Committee Chair Carla Moore (LA)

Moore has been a member of the Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners since 2011 and active with ASWB, regularly attending education conferences and annual meetings. She accepted appointment to the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee in 2014 and was appointed to chair that committee in 2016. When she decided that she wanted to be considered for elected office, she let the Nominating Committee know of her interest.

“It took me three times before I was elected to the Nominating Committee,” Moore explains. The first time she was slated, she lost. The next time she put her name forward for consideration, she was not slated. The third time, in 2017, she was slated and elected.

“I was encouraged to run a third time, really encouraged,” Moore explains. “At that point I had thought I would not try again.” As Moore’s experience points out, a new year offers a new opportunity for aspiring leaders to be considered. Committee members rely on the recommendations received in the current year when developing the slate. Melissa Ryder, volunteer engagement and outreach senior manager, staffs the committee. She explains: “The committee usually does not look at past years. We are getting so many recommendation submissions that we generally just review current information.”

Sometimes after reviewing recommendations for a specific position, the committee will reach out to ask if a person under consideration would be willing to serve in a different position. This can happen as the committee fulfills its charge to reflect diversity in the slate or when the committee receives an abundance of recommendations for some positions, but not others.


photograph of Nominating Committee
Members of the 2019 Nominating Committee seek recommendations for the 2019 slate. From left, Anne-Marie Buchanan (TN), Ginny Dickman (ID), Claude Savoie (NB), Glenda Webber (NL), and chair Carla Moore (LA).

“Each year can be a different story,” says Moore. “You can’t give up. Once you have decided that you have the skill set for something, you have to be persistent. I want to encourage others just like I was encouraged.” Deciding to submit a self-recommendation, she says, “takes a lot of self-awareness.”

ASWB membership will have the opportunity to submit recommendations to the Nominating Committee through July 1 for four positions on the Board of Directors and two seats on the 2020 Nominating Committee. All positions are for two-year terms. Board of Directors positions to be slated for election in November are:

  • Treasurer
  • Director at Large, licensed social worker
  • Director at Large, public member
  • Director at Large, open

“No other committee directly shapes ASWB’s leaders of tomorrow as the Nominating Committee,” Moore says. “Serving in this capacity offers you the benefits of networking with and learning from your peers and the opportunity to mentor others and become a leader.”

An earlier start

The newly constituted 2019 Nominating Committee held its first meeting during the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly, a change from years past, in part to capture the momentum following the elections. “We got an earlier start this year,” says Moore. “We are on it!”

At that meeting, the committee selected Moore to serve as chair. Conference calls have followed as the committee prepares to host the welcome reception at the 2019 Education Conference in Arlington, Virginia, where Moore will address membership. The committee meets in person two more times, at the Education Conference and in the summer, as it continues its work reviewing recommendations and developing the slate. During the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly, the committee will help manage the election process and host a Meet the Candidates reception.