Examination incident report

Candidates must allow test center staff at least 30 minutes to correct any test delivery, administration, or environmental difficulties. Beyond 30 minutes, you have the choice to stay until the problem is corrected or to have your appointment rescheduled.

Difficulties must be reported immediately to PSI staff at the test center and to ASWB within two business days of the incident. If you do not notify the test center staff of a problem at the time it occurs, ASWB will not be able to verify the problem and recourse will be limited.

Exam incident report

According to the Candidate Rules Agreement that you agreed to when you registered for the exam, all issues must be reported to ASWB within two business days.
Please include your name as it appears on your Authorization To Test email if you have received it.
Exam date(Required)
Were you approved for nonstandard testing arrangements for a disability or health condition?(Required)
Were you approved for nonstandard testing arrangements for English as a second language?(Required)
Please include time of the incident, names of staff members, duration of events, and all other relevant information.
Did you notify test center staff of the problem at the time of the occurrence?(Required)
Did you complete the examination?(Required)
Did you complete the survey at the end of the examination?(Required)
Did you receive an unofficial score report?(Required)
Re-registering to take the exam(Required)
Thank you for reporting the incident. If more information is needed, a representative from ASWB will contact you directly. It may take up to three weeks to receive an email about the issue’s resolution.