Delegates pass Resolution 1-2021

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Delegates passed Resolution 1-2021, Resolution to Jump Start All Resolutions at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly in November. The resolution includes two actions:

  • For the ASWB Board to provide member boards with information and templates on how to draft, submit, and work with the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee on the appropriate use of the resolution process
  • For member boards to familiarize themselves with the information and templates on how to draft, submit, and work with the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee and, thereafter, actively participate in the resolution process as a means of providing direction to the ASWB Board of Directors on significant policy issues

A question that the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee asked ASWB staff started the ball rolling toward drafting the resolution. One of the committee’s standing charges is to screen and process all resolutions to be brought before the Delegate Assembly in accordance with association policy adopted by Board of Directors in 1995. A committee member asked whether any resolutions had been received and whether resolutions were typically submitted. The answer to both questions was no. In fact, a search of the committee archives showed that only three resolutions had been submitted since 1999.

Legal counsel Dale Atkinson, who also attended the committee meeting, explained the value of resolutions to affect big-picture policy at an organization, prompting a discussion about how the committee could engage membership in the process. The outcome: The committee submitted its own resolution to “jump-start all resolutions.” At its August meeting, the Board of Directors supported the resolution and joined with the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee in recommending that delegates pass the resolution at the annual meeting.

President Harold Dean, Atkinson, and committee chair Vikki Erickson facilitated an information session about resolutions on Saturday, November 20. During discussion before the vote, some member board members spoke in favor of the resolution and the process; other members had questions about how they could get involved. Highlights of the discussion follow.

Earlier notice

During the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee meeting, members discovered that the notice inviting submission of resolutions is issued too late for it to be effective and does not have enough context. One committee member commented that many boards don’t meet during the months when the announcement is published and when submissions are due. According to ASWB policy, resolutions are due to ASWB no later than 120 days before the annual meeting. Next year, staff will send the announcement out in the first quarter.

More context

The information campaign begun during the annual meeting is part of providing more context for the resolution process. In addition, resolutions will be included as a discussion topic at upcoming Administrators Forum and Board Member Exchange meetings and will be introduced at New Board Member Training sessions.


Resolutions follow a specific structure and use formal language to express their intent. ASWB is developing a  template to assist boards interested in submitting resolutions. Other tools may be added as boards get involved in the process and identify areas where they need support.

Those interested in learning more about the resolution process at ASWB should start by reading Policy 4.2, Resolutions. The policy identifies who may submit resolutions, the timeline for submission, and the process for handling resolutions.

The annual meeting information session on resolutions was recorded and is available to members to get a better understanding of the purpose and process of writing resolutions.

Next steps

ASWB staff are already implementing the first action item of the resolution. The next steps are for member boards to become more familiar with the resolution process, take part in any educational opportunities at upcoming member sessions, and contact ASWB staff for assistance. For more information, email Jayne Wood, staff to the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee.