Compact language finalized

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After a successful meeting with the Social Work Compact Document Writing Team and Technical Assistance Group, the Council of State Governments and partners have announced that compact language is finalized and ready for state enactment. The compact must be enacted into state law by at least seven states. At that time, the Social Work Compact Commission will be created and additional infrastructure established, and then multistate licenses will begin to be issued.

“A social work interstate compact, like those already in place for other professions such as psychology, nursing, and physical therapy, will offer important advantages to social workers who live and work in different states, who plan to relocate, or who hope to expand the services they offer,” says ASWB CEO Stacey Hardy-Chandler Ph.D., JD, LCSW. “… ASWB is committed to supporting the interstate compact as a valuable foundation for cross-jurisdictional common ground benefiting our members, the profession, and the public.”

Read the social work licensure compact fact sheet.

Read the compact language on CSG’s social work licensure compact website.