As you pursue your career in social work as a licensed professional, you will have many opportunities to interact with your regulatory board.

Your first interaction might be when you apply for your initial license. In order to keep your license current, you will interact with your board during every license renewal cycle. You may be selected by your board to be audited for continuing education compliance when renewing your license. If you relocate or choose to practice via the Internet, known as electronic practice, you will need to interact with boards in multiple jurisdictions. Finally, if you step outside the bounds of safe and ethical practice, otherwise compromise your integrity, or call your character into question, you more than likely will interact with your board in a disciplinary hearing.

You may interact with your board for reasons other than licensing.

If your school of social work offered classes through ASWB’s Path to Licensure program, you may have learned about and perhaps visited the board in your school’s jurisdiction as a student or a faculty member. If you volunteer to serve in your professional association, you may find yourself advocating for legislation before your board. If you do research or become engaged in policy making, you may find yourself seeking information from your board.

If you become interested in the regulatory side of social work, you may find yourself appointed to your board or you may seek such an appointment.

For all these reasons, it will be important that you understand the purpose of regulation, what your board does, and how to engage with your board when that need arises. ASWB’s website can help you every step of the way.

ASWB does more than connect licensees with their boards. The association offers services that help licensees maintain their license in good standing through our Approved Continuing Education program. ASWB’s Social Work Registry provides a portable, living archive for your important career documentation, including exam results, employment history, supervision records, and more. If you have a talent for question writing, you could apply to become a paid item writer for the social work licensing exams. And if you are appointed to an ASWB member regulatory board, you will be able to participate in member-related activities such as ASWB’s Spring Education Conference and New Board Member Training.