Regulatory Research Task Force

The task force is composed of individuals representing a diverse range of regulatory and academic perspectives.

The task force is responsible for developing ongoing charges to create a Regulatory Research Committee. The task forces’ work will be guided by the ASWB strategic plan whenever applicable.

2022 members

Anwar Najor-Durack (MI), chair
Darlyne Bailey (PA)
Dianna Cooper-Bolinskey (IN)
Beatrice Traub-Werner (ON)
Stephan Viehweg (IN)
Elizabeth Pope (NC), board liaison

Ongoing charges

  1. Conducting an annual assessment of the regulatory research needs of ASWB membership, to include prioritizing the types of research needed and making the list available to interested researchers.
  2. Reviewing published research about occupational licensing, with particular focus on the social work profession, and making relevant research and/or a synopsis of the research available to ASWB members.
  3. Submitting articles for publication in an annual edition of the ASWB newsletter dedicated to regulatory research as a means of communicating with membership.