Exam security

The ASWB social work exams are high-stakes tests that can dramatically affect a person’s ability to practice social work. Violating exam security is a serious offense, and ASWB strictly enforces security measures at its examination sites. Many of the rules—from the identification requirements to not being able to bring personal items in and out of the testing room—exist to protect the content and administration of the social work exams. By enforcing these guidelines, ASWB can provide a secure testing environment and a reliable examination program.

You will not be allowed to eat, drink, or smoke in the testing room. Short breaks are allowed, but the exam clock will not stop. You may eat in the check-in room of the testing center only if you have been approved for this accommodation.

You will not be allowed to bring materials into or take materials from the testing room. Test center staff will supply you with an erasable note board and marker. Earplugs are available upon request. The erasable note board and marker you receive from the test center staff must be returned when you complete the exam. If it is not returned, ASWB will be notified and your actions will be reported to your jurisdiction’s board. Your exam score will be invalidated.

You will not be allowed to consult any study materials at any point during the test, even if these materials are outside the testing room. Surveillance cameras run continuously in the testing room, as well as in other areas of the center. Test center staff monitor security by walking through the testing room.

You will not be allowed to leave the test center after you begin your exam.

Access to the testing room is restricted to test center personnel, examinees, and authorized observers.

These rules are stated in the form you will be required to sign before you take the exam. Be sure to read the form before signing it.